Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I was given a Canon EOS M recently and I have carried it around my neck everywhere I went for the past couple weeks. I totally felt like an Asian tourist visiting Europe for the first time. The Canon EOS M is fairly new and it combines the big sensor, image quality and interchangeable lens system of a DSLR with the size of a small compact camera. The result is a perfect everyday camera that you will bring everywhere you go. I would love to bring my Canon EOS 5D with me but it is simply too bulky and heavy for that, so I was happy when I heard about the EOS M. Combined with the 22mm lens (equivalent to 35mm full frame) it is a really compact combo and gives me the same field of view as my Yashica T4. You have to see the camera in person to see how small it actually is. There is also an adapter that allows me to use my Canon EF lenses with the EOS M. If you read reviews about the EOS M on the internet, you will see that a lot of people are complaining about the slow autofocus. I personally think the autofocus is fast enough (obviously depends on your photography style) but it's true that you probably can't capture any fast moving object. The handling is pretty straight forward and easy with people in mind wanting to upgrade from a compact camera but there are all the manual mode and settings too you know from your DSLR to appeal to professionals as well. The touchscreen works like a charm much to my surprise. I will let the pictures below speak for themselves and keep an eye on my photo blog too as I will publish more photos there over the next couple days.

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